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A special selection of our products is also available online right away. The PEZ range is supplemented by cool t-shirts, tin boxes, lanyards and much more.
And because PEZ stands for variety, it goes without saying that more items will follow!

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PEZ Mint sugar-free candies

The creation of the peppermint candy in 1927 using the highest-quality peppermint oil marked the birth of the PEZ brand. Now the original is back, along with the elegant retro dispenser and the PEZ Mint nostalgia tins.

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The Oscar-worthy PEZ TV commercial!

Our PEZ candies and dispensers appear heavenly sweet in the colourful world of PEZ. The feel-good, stop-motion commercial and candy song are sure to guarantee our colourful stars a star on the Walk of Fame.

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